Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm Just High on Caffeine

Sneaking into the local coffee shop with my Starbuck's Venti Anniversary Blend this morning, I thought, "Ahhh.... This is good."  I had left my 10 month old daughter with my husband at home and trenched the mile down here in the snow, ready to meet with my new girlfriends to talk about writing.  Writing.  I love to write.  I don't think that I'm good at it at all, but I believe that someday I will be.  I love smooth, black, ballpoint pens, thin, narrow-lined sheets of paper, keyboards that make that clickity-click sound.... I love putting random words down in front of me and then closing my eyes, taking a deep breath, and rereading what I just wrote.  And for now, that's all that really matters when I begin to write.  Sometimes I roll my eyes, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I scowl, and sometimes I just shrug my shoulders and go at it again.  Everybody is a writer.... It's just that not everyone makes their words visible.  If you can think, you can write.  I didn't say speak, because look at Helen Keller.  One of the most beautiful writers of all times could not speak or hear.  But goodness could she think!  So I'm thinking, or wondering, rather.... What is worth sharing on this blog at this moment?  Does anybody even care?  Hmmm.... I guess right now, I don't really care whether anybody cares or not!  And this is supposed to be about "mothering," I suppose... But I don't really feel like talking about that.  My mind is on how yummy my coffee was, and how I wish I could drink Starbuck's coffee all day long, and how excited I am to travel to L.A. in two weeks to visit my sister.  I'm thinking about how amazing God's love is.  I'm thinking about the cute outfits that Jennifer Aniston was wearing in "Marley and Me," and how I want to go seek out the same brown leather boots, plaid and denim skirts, tank tops and jean jacket.  I'm thinking that tomorrow morning, when I go out for coffee with my husband and friends, I'm going to have a slice of chocolate cake with my French Roast.  Ahhhh..... I love to think.  And therefore, I love to write.  But for now, I have to lift my thoughts off of this screen and carry them into the day with me - a Valentine's Day of playing in Boulder with my husband and daughter - a day of speaking, eating, laughing, hearing and thinking.... What could be more fun than that???  Until next time, Happy Writing! :-) xoxo Em

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  1. I hope you got your slice of chocolate cake this morning and I hope this morning's coffee measured up to your expectations..thanks for sharing.